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Certified Translation:

First translation services relies on offering the highest quality and professional translation, our main concern is to provide our services at reasonable prices in all languages for both clients and companies; We have high-professional and experienced translators who have been chosen after being subject to proficiency exams prepared by specialists and professors in all languages.First translation services puts into consideration the confidentiality in translating private documents and papers of companies and clients per alias budgets which considered the most confidential information. We translate writings and can cooperate with publishing houses, newspapers and translation offices in offering a friendly and professional translation services inside or outside Egypt, First translation services prides itself to deliver the highest quality translation services at a fair and competitive rate. Our Translation Company is there to meet your translation needs 24/7 and provide you with accurate translation services by professionally trained translators with years of translating experience. We have a wide experience in the conference interpreting sector at international and high level.

Certified Translation Department:

We are always seeking to differentiate and distinction:

First translation services offers you translation certified by all the following Embassies: (American Embassy-British Embassy-Canadian Embassy-Australian Embassy-French Embassy-Italian Embassy-German Embassy-Spanish Embassy- Embassy of Netherlands- Russian Embassy- Ukrainian Embassy- Turkish Embassy-Embassy of Portugal- Embassy of Hungary - Czech Embassy- Polish Embassy-Swiss Embassy-Malaysian Embassy-Embassy of Thailand-Embassy of Sweden-Embassy of Belgian –Arab Embassies-Embassies of north Africa Countries- all governmental entities...)

Types of Documents and certificates:

Certified Translation of Birth certifications

Certified Translation of Death certifications

Certified Translation of Marriage contracts

Certified Translation of Divorce contracts

Certified Translation of Experience and Graduation Certificates

Certified Translation of university and Educational certificates and transcripts of all kinds.

Certified Translation of all official documents and contracts.

Certified Translation of all official documents and contracts.

Certified Translation of commercial registries and agencies as well as tax cards

Certified translation of letters, receipts and all statements of all its kinds.

Certified Translation of Legal contracts, import and Export Cards and investment prospectus

Certified Translation of Medical reports and recipes

Certified Translation of company`s budgets and survey estimations.

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